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the Hedgehog that everyone loves
Full Name : Chris Cadia.
Age : Unknown
Likes : Cookies, meeting new people, video games, candy, action and horror movies, cake, pie, chocolate, hambergers, hanging out with friends.
Dislikes : being ranma'd, getting shot, brustle sprouts, being left out of the loop about things, being unloved by others, Not having cookies.
Description : Not much is known about his past, Chris is just your average everyday hedgehog,
except he is a bit of an idiot...ok, a really big idiot. He loves meeting new people and making new friends.
He is a nice guy and gets along well with most people, and no matter how rude you are to him, he will probably still try to be friends with you.
Quote : "Give me cookies!"

Kiss my shiny metal ass.
Full Name : Blu-Ray.
Age : 116
Likes : Long walks on the beach, shiny metal asses, burning down buildings, Laughing at the suffering of others, Chainsaws and ponies.
Dislikes : Colour red and Hedgehogs.
Description : Did you ever have a nightmare about a large man who killed your parents, and your siblings,
and then your lover, and then everyone you know?
and then burned your house down and destroyed everything precious you ever conceived of? That was Blu-Ray.
Quote : "I hate that Hedgehog."

The off panel snake
Full Name : Slither
Age : Hssss
Likes : Hssss
Dislikes : Hssss
Description : Hssss
Quote : "Hsss"